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Government Accountability Office
U.S. Government Accountability Office (U.S. GAO)

D Search on Healthcare
Georgia Health Sciences University
GHSU Georgia Health Sciences University

D Research, Health Care

D Georgia Health Sciences, the state's health sciences university, was founded in 1828 as the 13th-oldest medical school in the nation. The university has grown to encompass every aspect of health care. GHSU trains physicians, dentists, nurses, biomedical researchers, physical therapists and many other health care professionals in its Schools of Allied Health Sciences, Dentistry, Graduate Studies, Medicine and Nursing. GHSU has a strong commitment to research, building on a proud tradition that boasts, among other achievements, a cure for pellagra and the groundwork for such breakthroughs as fertility pills, birth-control pills and beta-blocking drugs for cardiac arrhythmias. The university is building on that reputation as never before, focusing resources in the thematic areas of cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes/obesity, infection/inflammation and neurological disease. The university's mission to improve health and reduce the burden of illness in society is central to every aspect of GHSU's educational, research and clinical initiatives.

M University, Multiple Medical Topics
Foundation for Informed Medical Decision Making
Informed Medical Decisions - Information To Make Sound Medical Decisions

D Decision Support, Research

D Informed Medical Decision Making

M Medical Decision Making
Food & Drug Administration - DOHHS
U S Food and Drug Administration Home Page

D Search, Food, Drugs, Medical Devises, Vaccines

D Home Page for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

M Government, FDA, Food/Drugs
Folio Associates
FolioMed - Physician Data Solutions and Healthcare IT Consulting

D Data Services,

D FolioMed is a database management company concentrating on healthcare provider databases.

M Medical, Database, Management
Fisher Scientific - Businesspin.info.
Search Results for "businesspln.info"

D Laboratory Research Equipment, Medical Equipment
Felix's Free Medline Page -- Clinical Partners Ltd
D Clinical Studies, For Professionals,
Feinberg School of Medicine - Northwestern Univeri
Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University

D Research, Clinical Services

D Welcome to the Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University which is located on the University's Chicago campus along Lake Michigan. The information on these World Wide Web pages is intended for use by both visitors and members of the medical school community.

M University, Multiple Medical Topics
Fast Health Medical Journals
Medical Journals (Search FastHealth.com) Medical Journals

D Medical Journals

D FastHealth Corporation, Medical Internet Company. E-commerce, programming, medical search engine, online nurses, health portal, data applications, physician web sites, medical dictionary, journals

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Family Physicians Inquiries Network

D HelpDesk Answers, Clinical Inquiries
Esurg Corporation
D Medical -Surgical, Pharmaceuticals
Emergency Medicine/from Web MD
Medscape: Medscape Access

D MedScape Medical References, Drugs, Diseases
eMed Guides
eMed Guides

D World Wide Consultation

D World Wide Consultation

M Medical, Consultation
Elder Law Library
D Public Service of U.S. Administration on Ageing
eGeneral Medical.com
eGeneralMedical.com - Medical Supplies, Alternative Health, Home Medical and Medical Education

D Alternative Therapies, Medical Equipment & Supplie

D eGeneralMedical.com is a multi-million dollar e-marketplace specializing in healthcare equipment, supplies, supplements and health maintenance products for medical students, professionals and individual consumers.

M Medical, Products